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How to Make Coasters With Alchohol Ink

Are you ready to try something that is super easy, funky and totally unpredictable? When I say unpredictable I mean that in the nicest, most creative way. And it involves alcohol, although not the drinking kind, darn.

A while ago I Stumbled Upon It’s an amazing blog written by Aimee. She has a tutorial that uses Adirondack Ink and Alcohol Blending solution on tiles to make the most amazing coasters.  I had to try it and so do you.

Here is what you need:

  • plain white tiles (I got mine from Home Depot and I purchased both the small size, 10cm by 10cm and the larger size, about 15 cm by 15cm.)
  • felt or cork pads for the bottom. (Also purchased from Home Depot, although you could also check out your local dollar store.)
  • Adirondack Ink’s in various colours. (I purchased mine from Michael’s and bought 2 different packages of three colors).
  • Adirondack Ink Alcohol Blending Solution.
  • An old toothbrush for applying the blending solution.
  • ***The sealer I have pictured is not the right one. Oops. I actually used Mod Podge Matte Clear Acrylic Sealer to finish my tiles. I tried using regular Mod Podge by brushing it on but it smudged the colours and dried with a texture. As Aimee notes on her blog, it is very important to thoroughly seal your tiles after colouring them. I did at least 3 – 4 coats and waited for each to dry completely before spraying on another layer.

OK let’s get going! Squeeze out about a teaspoon of the alcohol blending solution on the tile.

Use your old toothbrush to coat the tile and spread the solution.

Now the fun begins. Squeeze a few drops of the alcohol ink and watch the magic begin. The dots spread, grow and move around. Experiment with different colours together, side by side or on top. You really can’t make a mistake, if you don’t like how your tile turns out you can squirt a little blending solution on top and wipe it off to start again.

I kept mine pretty simple by just dropping the colours on the tile. Aimee used Qtips and straws to create different effects. It’s a bit like watching a lava lamp or a psychedelic movie. Get groovy…

Stop when you are happy, it’s hard, let me tell you. I wanted to keep adding and adding but you don’t have all day as the blending solution dries pretty quickly. Set it aside to completely dry for at least 15 minutes.

Now you can get your sealer out. Make sure you do this outside as the fumes are highly toxic. Let the sealer dry as per manufacturers instructions and then re-coat at least 4 or 5 times.

Last step is to flip over your dry tile and add felt or cork stickers to protect your table surfaces.

There you go! Groovy, fun and easy. I did this with my kids and they loved it. Just keep in mind that the ink will stain clothing and the blending solution is poisonous. Supervise and just use  common sense! 

The larger tiles I use as trivets for warm dishes. I can see this as a great craft to make for Christmas gifts or a housewarming present. What do you think?

Please check out: for Aimee’s tutorial and to see her beautiful pictures. Her blog is beautifully written and has so many inspiring ideas.

Happy creating…


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Felt Flower Gift Topper

It is time to kick off my new blog, Life’s a Craft Project! I am so excited to have a place to share my passion for crafts and creativity.

Let’s get right to it…

I have found a benefit to spending countless hours on Pinterest, it inspires you to get your creative on! I found this felt on sale at Michael’s and thought it would help me get going on my first craft tutorial.

This post was completely inspired by a post from Stacie @ 

She created these flowers for a Mother’s Day brooch. Her tutorial is awesome and you should really check out her blog, so many great crafty ideas.

Over the next few weeks I am challenging myself to try a bunch of flower tutorials and will document my efforts/disasters here! Stay tuned…

OK, let’s get started. You will need:

  • one piece of felt
  • a sharp pair of scissors
  • a black pen to trace the circles on the felt
  • a cup, empty container or card cut into about a 4.5 cm circle (or 3 inches)
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • a pretty button to finish it off! (Sorry the button didn’t make it into the picture, I am still learning!)
I used an empty apple sauce container and traced 6 circles onto the felt for the petals.

I flipped over the container and traced around the bottom to get the base for my felt flower. The circle is just slightly smaller that the petals, but don’t sweat it, the base could just be the same size as the petals.

Time to get cutting…

This is what I ended up with:

The next step is to fold the circle in half…

Then fold one corner of your petal over by about a third.

And then fold the other side of your petal over to make an S shape. Use your glue gun at the tip of the petal and put a few glue dots from your glue gun in the folds to hold the petal together.

Next, glue each petal to the base making sure to place them right next to each other.

After you glue all of the petals to the base, fluff up the petals a bit to get something that looks like this:

Now you can pick out a pretty button to glue in the middle and you are done! Easy peasy right? And cute too

You could follow Stacie’s tutorial and turn this into a brooch, or glue on a hair clip or follow me and make a present topper.

Isn’t this so much better than a ribbon? 10 minutes, about .50 cents and there you go. Let me know what you think…happy crafting!

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