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Make Your Own Wine Bag

We were lucky this weekend to be invited over to our wonderful friends house for dinner. Now this wasn’t the usual come-over-for-dinner invitation, these friend of ours are very generous and Shannon is a gourmet cook.

So after enjoying a lazy Saturday I went downstairs to find a couple of wine bags to bring our hostess gift over in and lo and behold I couldn’t find a single bag. My husband offered to run out and pick up a few but the clock was ticking and I knew we would be late.  I spotted some craft paper and sheets of felt and gave myself a shake. Get crafty! So I did.

Super simple, super easy and I had fun trying to do it as quickly as I could. Just wrap up the wine in the paper, tie a ribbon, and bust out a few felt flowers, and voila…

I even remembered to take a few pictures before we scrambled out the door. How nice is that?

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Saturday Morning Doll Making

OK, usually I am the first one to suggest a craft. But I must admit this morning my girls beat me to it. It was early…dare I say too early to get crafty? Craft blasphemy I know…but still, there should be a little time for laziness on a Saturday morning.
My girl’s grabbed a few clothes pins and wanted to transform them into dolls. I rubbed my eyes, plugged in the glue gun, filled my mug with some tea and away we went.

This is the prototype I came up with. I wrapped a pipe cleaner around the clothes pin for arms. Cut out a dress shape from a scrap of fabric and used fabritac to seal up the edges. I knew for sure it was too early for mom to be wielding a needle and thread! The glue gun worked well to attach the head and then I handed it all over to two very eager girls who couldn’t wait to create.

They used markers for the facial features, beads for hands and feet and lots of fabric for the clothes. Ooh the magic of a glue gun (with supervision of course!). It is a cold Saturday morning here so hats and scarves were mandatory.

Easy, fun, and creative. And with all the doll playing mommy had a chance to sneak off to the computer…ahhh saturday morning.

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Making a Fall Wreath: My First Attempt

I finally did it! After admiring all the fall wreaths on Pinterest Logo I took the plunge and  made my own. If you are as addicted to Pinterest as I am, you know how easy it is to spend all of your time just collecting all the creative pins without actually making any of your own. It was time to try it.

Because it was my first attempt I didn’t want it to cost a lot of money – just in case I had to dump into the garbage if it didn’t work. When I went to Michael’s to look at the wreath forms I couldn’t believe they were charging between $12 and $20 for them. I had noticed a more budget-friendly idea on Pinterest using pipe insulation from Home Depot as a cheaper alternative and gave it a try.

It totally worked! I learned the hard way with my first attempt to ensure that you securely duct tape the ends together or your form may start pulling apart.

Other than budget concerns I didn’t want my wreath to look too fussy and old-fashioned. I really wanted it to have a contemporary feel. I am happy with the way it turned out but have now been bitten by the wreath bug and want to try so many other ideas…

Here is how I did it:

I used:

  • Foam pipe insulation from Home Depot or any hardware store. They come in different sized diameters, I would suggest the thickest one you can find. I wish I had bought a thicker one as the form would be more in proportion, mine is a little on the skinny side.
  • Yarn for wrapping around the wreath form. I show a tiny ball in my picture but you need quite a bit to wrap the entire wreath.
  • Sharp scissors for cutting the pipe insulation and felt.
  • Glue gun for the flowers and other embellishments you want to add.
  • Fabri Tac as an alternative glue for some of the felt flowers.
  • A mug or your favourite TV and the radio tuned to CBC…
The most time-consuming part was wrapping the yarn around the form. Take your time and make it tight and neat, all your effort really pays off in the end. I made smaller balls of yarn to make it easier to wrap around my form. An idea I had for my next one is to leave the pipe insulation straight to make it easier to wrap and then just at the end duct tape the ends together. This will save all the passing the yarn around the circle. It’s worth a try…
When I had it wrapped up I grabbed another cup of tea and set about making my felt flowers and used the glue gun to attach them to the wreath. So easy. I finished the whole thing in just over an hour.
Whew! This was so easy I can’t wait to make another one.


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Inspiration for Fall Wreath Projects

The wind is blowing, the rain is falling and signs of autumn are everywhere…except for my front door. I am inspired to try my hand at a fall wreath and wanted to share a few of my favourite finds. Just browsing through Pinterest is enough to get your craft mojo firing. Take a look at a few I think are amazing:

I love, love, love the two tone flowers on the organic wreath form, don’t you? Lovely. Now for a bit of leaf inspiration:
The grey yarn is so simple behind the colourful leaves and it looks so simple to do.
Here is another along the same lines…
OK, I am officially inspired. Time to get busy, stay tuned…

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Pinterest and a Few Fall Craft Projects

I would like to introduce you to my newest obsession:

OK, I have to come clean and really admit to the amount of time I spent onPinterest this summer. Ummm, it was a lot. Hours, maybe days…who knows? I am head-over-heels in love.

According to the Pinterest about page:

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.

It is just like an inspiration board that so many self-help books and therapists urge people to create. Except that now you don’t have to hunt through magazines for images to tear out and glue on a piece of bristol board.

When you sign up for an account  @  you install a widget on your browser’s tool board that lets you ‘pin’ all of the interesting things that you find when out surfing. Instead of bookmarking a site or subscribing to a blog you pin a visual picture of what you are interested in.

I use it as a catalogue of inspiration. Here are a few ideas that I love for fall.

  • I love the dramatic effect of the glitter on the black background. It looks easy – although I have learned the hard way that not everything that looks easy actually is! Worth a try anyways.

Sign up and start creating your own pinboards on whatever is important to you. Be careful though, it is totally addicting.

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