Saturday Morning Doll Making

OK, usually I am the first one to suggest a craft. But I must admit this morning my girls beat me to it. It was early…dare I say too early to get crafty? Craft blasphemy I know…but still, there should be a little time for laziness on a Saturday morning.
My girl’s grabbed a few clothes pins and wanted to transform them into dolls. I rubbed my eyes, plugged in the glue gun, filled my mug with some tea and away we went.

This is the prototype I came up with. I wrapped a pipe cleaner around the clothes pin for arms. Cut out a dress shape from a scrap of fabric and used fabritac to seal up the edges. I knew for sure it was too early for mom to be wielding a needle and thread! The glue gun worked well to attach the head and then I handed it all over to two very eager girls who couldn’t wait to create.

They used markers for the facial features, beads for hands and feet and lots of fabric for the clothes. Ooh the magic of a glue gun (with supervision of course!). It is a cold Saturday morning here so hats and scarves were mandatory.

Easy, fun, and creative. And with all the doll playing mommy had a chance to sneak off to the computer…ahhh saturday morning.

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  1. oh wow!! this is a SWEET project!

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