DIY Birthday Party

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Before I had kids I would fantasize about hosting their birthday parties. Oh what fun! Balloons, streamers, cupcakes, icing, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, giggling children and happy smiles.

Hmm…it’s still a fantasy for me. I have hosted my share of birthday parties and this is what I have learned, throw ‘perfect’ right out the door where it belongs.

Let’s be honest here, birthday parties for kids are highly controversial. Everyone has an opinion! Just mention that you are planning a party and the unwanted advice comes flying your way. I used to really get caught up in the whole party hoopla. The ugly truth of competition, the worry that your kid won’t enjoy it (I just blew up 30 balloons damn it!), and just the stress of trying to make everything perfect.

The last two birthdays I have chosen to just focus on what I really want, a day to celebrate the gift of their life. Isn’t that the whole reason we do this?

Loot bags are one of the touchiest areas of birthday parties. There are so many different camps, “It’s all junk”, “Why do we have to give these things?”, “Great, what do I do with all this crap?”, and on and on. This year I wanted to eliminate the plastic and get a bit creative. Normally I am running into a party store at the last-minute and picking up the pre-made loot bags. There is nothing wrong with this – I just wanted to do it differently this year.

And this is what I came up with:

I wrapped up the loot with craft paper, grabbed some glittery ribbon and made a felt gift topper to finish it off. It was fun, yes, I actually had fun making the loot bags. Crazy I know.

I have twins and I wanted the invitation to show a bit of both of them. I am the opposite of a card maker, I am not exacting, I have little patience and I can’t deal with intricate details. I let go of my imperfections and gave this a try:

The girl’s and I had spent some time on Pinterest looking for  the perfect cupcake recipe. We found it, the cutest and easiest (I hoped) recipe for owl cupcakes. And they worked! It was the first time I made their birthday cupcakes from scratch.

OK, they look a little wonky, and they are definitely not perfect, and finally I realize that isn’t the point, is it?

How do you navigate the birthday battle field? I would love to hear any tips or experiences! I love comments, they make my day…


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3 responses to “DIY Birthday Party

  1. I’ve made these cute little owl cupcakes before! Aren’t they so cute? And too easy. Perfect for a girl’s birthday party!

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