Tissue Paper Stained Glass Craft

The grey days of February have been officially banished from our house. At least we are trying…

The girls and I grabbed a pile of tissue paper and set out to make a stained glass garden for our back door.

Cut a large piece of wax paper and fold it in half. Open it up and fill one side with torn pieces of tissue paper. When it’s filled and arranged the way you like fold over the other half of the waxed paper and place between two towels and iron until the waxed paper has melted enough to stick together.

Next we traced ‘garden’ shapes onto black paper. We cut the shapes out and then I used an exacto knife to cut out the inside, creating a black frame for our tissue paper background.

Grab a glue stick and attach the frame to the waxed paper. Cut away the excess waxed paper and tape on  a window.

Ooooh the colour! The magic of transparency has transformed our back door. February has never looked so good…


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3 responses to “Tissue Paper Stained Glass Craft

  1. Dena

    These look so amazing…the black frame around the color makes everything stand out.

  2. Awesome project but I can’t get the wax paper to melt, even with my iron on high heat. . . .

    Any troubleshooting advice?

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